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Don't lose the opportunity to visit this famous Inca citadel ,in this place the fisiografy has acquires exaggerated forms; enormous picks of granitic rock emerge of deep valleys for where turbulent rivers of crystalline water run. These almost hung forests of the abrupt hillsides, they are specially rich in species of Bromelias and Orchids, unique many of them, also constitute the habitat of arborescent Ferns and giant begonias and they serve as refuge of countless species of wild fauna. There are some 250 arboreal species and 180 species of orchids, species of animals as the duck of the torrents or the aquatic grackle, others are strange and they are in extinction like the Andean Bear, the cockerel of the Rocks, the dwarf Deer, among others.

Machupicchu - Cusco


Cusco, the navel of the world. The capital of the Inca Empire. This city shows, behind its great archaeological wealth, a great colonial style with its beautiful churches, convents, old large houses (result of the encounter between Spaniards and Inca) and its ingrained cultural, folkloric traditions, mystics and gastronomic.

Cusco is characterized by its big large houses above bases and Inca walls, with colonial yards, surrounded by narrow and serpentine streets, small hidden squares, where diverse vestiges of constructions previous to the conquest exist. Cusco is the most tourist point in Peru, with its countless such treasures as the Mistic enclosures of Sacsayhuaman and the Koricancha, Kenko, the Bathrooms of Tambomachay. The platforms of Pisac and the Intihuatana (Indian Market) Ollantaytambo their imposing surrounded Strength of a city built in stone, the grandiose constructions of the Citadel of Machupicchu. beauty impossible to describe.


You will be able to find a wide range of Programs to make the wished adventure so much inside the Forest, the high mountains of our Andes covered with snow, The Roads of the Inka, Pretty Lakes, lagoons, Rivers to experience trips in Boats and rafts with motor, Roads and routes to travel with Motorcycles, Bicycles and horses.

Also to combine these Programs with a traditions experience in all the Communities that maintain their such customs as the Agriculture and textile.


AS ARRIVING: The city of the Cuzco is located to 55 minutes of flight from Lima the Capital of the Peru in day schedules its altitude it is of 3360 meters on the level of the sea. We also have access Highways of the best quality, safety and guarantee.

WHERE TO STAY: To be a point of great tourist interest, Cusco has an excellent hotel infrastructure that adapts to the pocket of its visitors family Houses or Students, Inns, Hotels easily.

RESTAURANT AND FOOD: It is an almost cosmopolitan City that strange managers that offer Restaurants of first of international Food harbors (Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, China, American, etc.).

There is diverse local that offer the food Novoandina the typical plates of the region, some of which are: meat of German nickel, Stew, kind of a meat soup, lamb, chickpeas, potatoes and yucca; the choclo (tender corn) that is present in almost all their plates, the roasted guinea pig, stew of Guinea pig served with rice and potatoes and the very well-known fish Cebiche. Prove the Pisco sour, classic drink of the Peru and the beer " Cusqueña ", one of the best of that country.

AS MOVING: The city of the Cusco can be traveled since anything on foot it is very far. To move until the near citadels they can make it in train, bus or helicopter. Our company has for you available tours, so you can choose the option that better adapts to your pockets and your comfort.

WHAT TO BUY: In Cusco, in the surroundings of the Square San Blas, in the neighborhood of the same name, they will find the best crafts, ceramic and textile pieces (mats, blankets, sweaters knitted with German nickel threads). The prices vary according to the size of the garment, but get ready to spend a little more than $50, if they really want something of quality. It is worthwhile to also visit the Center of textile Traditions that recovers technical old next to the indigenous populations.

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